The Ultra-Trail Cape Town: Interview with Stuart McConnachie

A Race Director Interview: “beautifully brutal”

Photo Sam Clark.

Rocky, tricky and exhausting but so rewarding. The Ultra-Trail Cape Town race director Stuart McConnachie described the trail and mountain race as “beautifully brutal”.

Established in 2014, the race takes place predominantly on the trails on and surrounding Table Mountain National Park. Today the race has gone from strength to strength, with now up to five different races being held during the running festival.

The Ultra-Trail Cape Town takes place at the end of the year, welcoming all types of runners, local and international, with up to 2000 runners on the mountain. But how does an event like this come to fruition?

Race Director Stuart McConnachie explained the planning behind the scenes before the event.  “It’s very intense, especially in the two months leading up to Ultra-Trail Cape Town.”

“There is always something going on; we only get one shot at this a year, so we want it to go smoothly.”

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