Black Diamond Distance 1500 Headlamp – Test & Review

"The ultra bright setting is very powerful and was really helpful navigating rougher terrain in the Lakes."

First off the Distance 1500 Headlamp comes in a black shockproof case with red paracord which is great as it will be kept and safe and sound when in my pack. It weighs a fairy lightweight 7.5 ounces or 213 grams and is only 23cm x 17cm – inside is a very compact and cool-looking headlamp.

I went for a morning run and it didn’t take too long to adjust the head strap. It was light, comfortable – with Comfort Cradle™ padding – and didn’t feel heavy on my head much at all. It took a little while to figure out the buttons on the side and I tried each one getting used to the settings as I ran along the path. It didn’t bounce around and initial thoughts were that the headlamp was very bright – perfect for nighttime visibility. I’ve also worn it quite a few times over the top of a hat with no issue whatsoever.


Black Diamond headlamp 1500



I’ve had a few headlamps over the years, but never at this price range so it was great not to be disappointed. I went out for several more runs both in the morning and during the early evening to properly test it. The Distance 1500 headlamp provides up to 1500 lumens of light – it’s super bright – and ideal for ultra runners.



You can see exactly where you’re going particularly on forest paths and mountain tracks when the light isn’t so good or it’s completely dark. The 1500 lumen ‘Power Tap™ Technology’ is activated by double-tapping the side of the headlamp and it dims automatically after 10 seconds to prevent overheating. Black Diamond say that one full battery lasts 8 hours at 300 lumens and two full batteries last 8 hours at 600 lumens. It also has a rear red light flashing for full visibility on the roads and paths.

I found this particularly brilliant whilst riding a bike at night! When it’s in flashing mode it makes you incredibly visible to road users.


If you’re planning a longer running trip or a multi-day race then the second battery pack would be a good idea. Most mandatory race kit lists ask that you have a backup one just in case. This is ideal for the 100 mile run I’ve got coming up this year as the race continues into the night. I can imagine that having a trusted source of bright light will be just what I need at 3am when I’m feeling fatigued.


This headlamp contains a rechargeable Li-ion battery – and it does last a long time. It can easily be switched out with one hand and with my gloves on. I wore the Distance 1500 headlamp during a heavy rain downpour and I found it to be waterproof (thank god!)


It also charges via micro-USB or USB-C charge port. 


I found the Distance 1500 a very versatile headlamp. When I used it for the longer night training runs, the Comfort Cradle™ headband sat low on my head which eliminated any bounce, plus its cushioning was just right for me and I wasn’t annoyed by it, even when I was a few hours into my run.

Overall, the ultra bright setting is very powerful and was really helpful navigating rougher terrain in the Lakes. Black Diamond has incorporated a multifaceted optical lens design to provide a combination of depth lighting. This makes it better to spot obstacles and smooths the light for consistent visibility.


The Power Tap™ mode seems to be designed perfectly for when you need it the most, either when I was unsure which path to take or when there was some especially large rocks in my way. Having the Distance 1500 light on my head gave me the extra visibility I needed. Being able to adjust the brightness to the level I want is great and just what every ultra runner needs. I can’t wait to wear it for my next ultramarathon, it’s now a kit must-have.


Black Diamond
Distance 1500 Headlamp



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